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What is Flexigrass bluegrass music?

Flexigrass is just one of many interesting names given to describe the unique sound of Pete Wernick & FLEXGRASS.

Led by Bluegrass Grammy nominee “Dr. Banjo”, Pete Wernick, the band’s unique, supercharged sound is woven by all-stars from bluegrass and traditional jazz:

Greg Harris (vibraphone, Bill Pontarelli (clarinet), Kris Ditson (drums), Roger Johns (bass), and Joan Wernick (featured vocalist).

In multiple appearances at major festivals from Merlefest (NC) to Winfield (KS) to Strawberry (CA) to Johnny Keenan (Ireland), FLEXIGRASS has thrilled audiences with its unparalleled blend of American music forms. Entertaining, original, high-energy. tradition-based --FLEXIGRASS makes musical waves!